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your SEO title doesn't contain a number

Fix Your SEO Title Doesn’t Contain a Number: 10 Best Tips

Discover 10 actionable tips to fix your SEO title doesn’t contain a number. Learn how incorporating numerical values can enhance visibility and engagement, boosting your online presence.

Everything matters in the complex world of SEO, and your title tag is no exception. Have you ever wondered why some searches attract you more than others? Mainly because they have a number in the SEO title. Yes, you read that right. The statistics in SEO titles hold great potential, but many overlook their potential. In this article, we will explain why a number is required for an SEO title.

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Understanding the Role of Numbers in SEO Titles:

Numbers are not just random digits; they’re attention magnets. When users scroll through search results, numbers stand out like beacons, drawing attention and engaging clicks. This phenomenon isn’t always a mere coincidence; Psychological studies back it. 

Studies have shown that our brains are attracted to numerical facts, so using SEO titles with numbers is more attractive and remarkable. So, why numbers required in an SEO title? Because it is your price tag to shoot the target audience’s attention and boost click-through rates

The Pitfalls of Not Including Numbers in SEO Titles:

You’ve created compelling content, optimized it for search engines, and hit the public. However, despite your best efforts, the click-through rate remains stagnant. What didn’t go well? The potential culprit might be that your SEO needs a number. 

Your title can blend into a sea of ​​text without being numerically valuable, failing to capture attention. Research shows that if your SEO title doesn’t contain a number, it will have lower click-through rates than others with a number in the SEO title. 

It begs the question: why numbers required in SEO titles? Because it can mean the difference between obscurity and prominence in search results.

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Best Practices to Fix “Your SEO Title Doesn’t Contain a Number”

While numbers can boost your SEO titles, using them strategically is essential. Maintain relevance and accuracy by ensuring that the number reflects the content of your page.

 Avoid overusing numbers or clickbait techniques, which can erode trust and confidence. Instead, focus on balancing the number with other exciting things, such as action-related words or keywords.

 Remember, the goal isn’t just to attract clicks and provide valuable content that resonates with your audience. So, why numbers required in an SEO title? Because it’s a versatile tool for attracting attention, communicating value, and generating traffic. Let’s explore how to incorporate them better.

1. Identify Your Target Audience: 

Before you dive in, understand who you’re trying to reach. What are they looking for? Knowing this will help you create a headline that speaks directly to their needs.

2. Embrace the power of lists:

People love lists! If your content offers step-by-step solutions or explores different aspects of a topic, adding numbers to your SEO headline can increase its appeal. For example, if your topic is “Winning Public Speaking,” you could update it to “5 Powerful Tips for Winning Public Speaking.” Then, see the difference.

3. Focus on the value proposition:

 Let searchers know the benefits they will get from your clicks. If your SEO title doesn’t contain a number, consider adding a helpful phrase that emphasises the value of your content. For example, instead of “Understanding the Basics of SEO,” you could go with “Unlock the SEO Secrets in One Simple Step.”

4. Spark Curiosity with Numbers:

 Statistics can create interest and make your topic stand out. If your SEO title doesn’t contain a number, add a relevant statistic or data point to attract attention. For example, “History of search engines” could be converted to “How search engines have evolved over the past 20 years.”

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5. Value of “How-To” for Clarity:

Researchers often use question phrases to find information. If your content offers a solution or solves a specific problem, consider using a “how to” format in your SEO headline. It makes it clear what benefits users can expect. For example, if your title is “Website Maintenance Tips,” change that helper to “How to maintain your website for maximum performance.”

6. Keep it short and clear: 

Aim for a maximum of 60 characters for your SEO headline. It allows full display in search results and prevents truncation. Your SEO title doesn’t contain a number and is a bit long; see if you can shorten it while maintaining its original message.

7. Add Strong Keywords:

While adding numbers can boost your SEO headlines, remember the importance of the right keywords! Ensure your headline naturally combines the keywords users search for in your content.

8. Test and analyze: 

Once you optimize your SEO theme, don’t stop there! Check how it works and see how users react. Tools like Google Search Console can provide valuable insights to help you optimize your headlines for better clicks.

9. Remember to experiment: 

Sometimes,  your SEO title doesn’t contain a number! A strong  SEO title with numbers and catchy language can still attract clicks. The key is to test different variations and find the one that best resonates with your audience.

10. Maintain SEO Best Practices: 

Remember, a well-crafted SEO title is only one piece of the puzzle. Make sure your content has an SEO title with a number. Your content should be high-quality, informative, and engaging. Optimize other SEO elements, such as meta descriptions and header tags, for a well-rounded approach.

Following these tips, you can transform your SEO title, which doesn’t contain a number, into a powerful tool that drives traffic and user engagement to your content. Remember, a captivating title is a gateway to your fantastic content—make it count!

your seo title doesn't contain a number
Your SEO title doesn’t contain a number.

Overcoming Common Challenges and Concerns about Fixing “Your SEO Title Doesn’t a Number”

As with any SEO strategy, incorporating numbers into your titles may pose challenges. How many numbers do you include, and do specific numbers perform better than others? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, if your SEO title doesn’t contain a number, experimentation and data analysis can provide valuable insights.

 Additionally, consider your industry and target audience when selecting numbers. What resonates with one demographic may not resonate with another. Ultimately, the key is to prioritize relevance, authenticity, and user experience.

 So, why is a number required in the SEO title? Because it’s a dynamic element that can adapt to diverse contexts and audiences.


In the competitive landscape of search engine optimization, every advantage counts. By incorporating numbers in SEO titles, you can elevate your visibility, attract more clicks, and ultimately drive better results. So, why numbers required in the SEO title? Because it’s a simple yet powerful technique that can make a difference in your digital marketing efforts. Take advantage of this opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your audience. Start integrating numbers into your SEO titles today and watch your online presence soar.


How many numbers should I include in my title?

There’s no magic number, but aim for clarity and relevance. If multiple numbers enhance your title’s message, use them judiciously.

Are there specific numbers that perform better than others?

Specific numbers like “5” or “10” are popular choices, but context matters most. Number in SEO titles that align with your content and resonate with your audience.

What if my content doesn’t naturally lend itself to numbers?

Get creative! Numbers represent various aspects, from steps and tips to statistics and outcomes. Test different formats to determine which one is best for your content.

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