Advanced SEO Course in Kolkata

Avail the best expertise from our great SEO Course in Kolkata. Our thorough and effective classes are properly designed to show the latest strategies, trends, and amazing hands-on learning of the subject. It always helps to ensure you always be forward in the online realm of SEO. If you master the SEO Course in Kolkata, you can easily benefit from personalized guidance, industry insights, and several real-time projects. Through the best SEO training institute in Kolkata, you can also discover ways to have an amazing career in digital marketing and elevate your skills in a great way.

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Why Choose Our Effective SEO Training Course in Kolkata

Our advanced SEO course in Kolkata is an outstanding selection for many reasons. Firstly, we have designed this course to offer a great understanding of several difficulties of search engine optimization. We work on several techniques, algorithms, and trends to shape the digital world.

Our experienced professionals from the best SEO training institute in Kolkata always provide practical experiences to all students that ensure all the concepts of SERP ranking. It not only functions theoretically but can also be applied to several real-project scenarios. Secondly, emphasizing amazing hands-on learning experiences always makes our SEO training in Kolkata unique because SEO is all about executing several strategies properly rather than just a theory.

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Mode of Our SEO Course in Kolkata

Availing our SEO Course in Kolkata is a great decision as you are going to have the best flexibility like no other. You can easily select between online mode or offline classroom in our SEO training in Kolkata. If you want a great classroom vibe, then our in-person sessions are great for you. Throughout the session, you can easily interact with the teachers as well as other students in your class.

We all want a comfortable, homely environment for learning something. For that reason, you can easily choose our best SEO course in Kolkata online at your own pace. With a comfy couch setup, you can easily attend our online classes from your home. It easily allows you to use your full potential to learn from scratch. We also utilize several online platforms, which makes our advanced SEO training in Kolkata very effective. Also, we record sessions for later use. Any time you choose, you can go through a particular session with the best SEO training institute in Kolkata.

Therefore, whether you like a traditional classroom or an online course, our SEO Course in Kolkata will help you understand better and go with the flow. Also, our life sessions sometimes come with many options that one can take advantage of. However, our SEO Course in Kolkata also offers very flexible timing as you want. You can easily select morning, evening, and afternoon timing. It helps you to integrate the learning journey in your way. With several live projects, case studies, and practical exercises, you can easily gain great experience that mainly goes beyond the theoretical aspect of knowledge. Also, we commit to providing the best personalized guidance to every student, and we also ensure proper in-person communication in a better way because we understand that every student has their learning style and unique pace.

You will also get every type of learning material from us. Our SEO training in Kolkata is particularly designed to be extremely student-friendly. There is no complexity of confusing technical jargon. It would help if you were straightforward to understand the entire thing at once. Students will also get the best resources in the online class, whether they are tech-savvy or want to be more involved in digital tasks. The SEO Course in Kolkata is mainly structured to offer every level of expertise in a great way.

However, it is about more than gaining knowledge. It is all about enjoying a great learning experience that is adaptable and seamless. Our offline SEO Course in Kolkata is specially tailored to your niche and preferences. So join us if you are a newbie or a professional who wants to switch; anyone who wishes to learn SEO can take benefits from Proadept Academy! We take the best time to understand the challenges and strengths. Every student gets our support as per their preference. If you select our SEO training course in Kolkata, you will have a great learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Undoubtedly, it offers a very effective approach to mastering the science and art of search engine optimization.

Features of The Best SEO Training Institute in Kolkata

Effective Live Training Session

We are proud to provide the best mentorship with advanced SEO training courses in Kolkata, which are indeed the most useful. Our live sessions are engaging and as well as led by great tutors. You can gather knowledge that meets your learning requirements. It defines all your goals to succeed. Our course has personal guidance that can help you understand the entire SEO training course in Kolkata very effectively.

seo skills

Here, you can find all the features of our advanced SEO course in Kolkata

  • SEO Overview
  • How Does It Work?
  • Elements of SEO
  • How many SEO types or Categories are there?
  • Benefits of Search Engine Optimization
  • Market Opportunities
  • Career Opportunities


  • What is a keyword?
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to Do It using SEO tools?
  • Keyword Density
  • Complete guide to discovering the right keywords
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is On-Page SEO?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Elements of On-Page SEO
  • Content optimization maintaining keyword density
  • Image optimization
  • H1, H2, H3, H4 optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Title, Description optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Outbound linking
  • Schema/structure data
  • Keyword cannibalization fixing
  • Duplicate content issue fixing
  • Canonicalization issue fixing
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • Search console complete overview
  • Search console-setup
  • GA4 complete overview
  • GA4 setup
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is Technical SEO
  • What are 404 errors? 404 error fixing?
  • What is a crawling mistake? How to fix it?
  • Sitemap.xml VS sitemap.html? How do we submit?
  • Robots.txt file? How to create?
  • HTTP & HTTPS? How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS?
  • Site loading speed? How do we fix the speed issue?
  • Inspect URL
  • Broken link? How to fix it?
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is Off-Page SEO?
  • What is the Do Follow Link? What is No Follow Link?
  • What is an Inbound Link? What is Anchor Text?
  • Why do we do link building? What are the benefits of link building?
  • How to create and implement a link-building strategy
  • What is image submission? How to do it?
  • What is PPT submission? How to do it?
  • What is video submission?
  • What is an infographic submission?
  • What is classified submission?
  • What is directory submission?
  • What is a business listing?
  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What is blog commenting?
  • What is web 2.0 submission?
  • What is an article submission?
  • What is guest posting?
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is local SEO? How does it work?
  • Google business profile setup
  • Business profile optimization
  • Offer creation, update creation
  • Geotagging
  • What is NAP citation? How to do it?
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is WordPress? What is CMS?
  • Basic website creation using WordPress and Elementor
  • Introduction to WordPress plugins and setup
  • Page and blog setup
  • Complete guide to optimizing the website using On-page and technical SEO
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is a website audit? How to do it?
  • What is website recovery? How to do it?
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is e-commerce SEO? How it works?
  • Advanced e-commerce SEO keyword research
  • Product updates with title, description, content
  • E-commerce website technical issue fixing
  • Advanced e-commerce backlink guide
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is voice search SEO?
  • How does it work?
  • Conversion keyword research
  • Website optimization for voice search
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • What is mobile SEO?
  • How does it work?
  • What is responsive design? What is AMP?
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • Introduction to blogging
  • Finding the right niche for blogging
  • Finding the right keywords for blogging using advanced keyword research
  • Content topic ideas, content writing
  • Live assignments hands-on

Find more features of our SEO course in Kolkata

Competitor Analysis

  • What is competitor analysis? How to do it?
  • Inbound link analysis, on-page analysis
  • Advanced SEO tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, Semrush
  • Keyword Gap, Backlink gap
  • Live assignments hands-on

Freelancing and Interview Preparation

  • Freelancing overview
  • Setting up resources for getting projects
  • Live assignments hands-on
  • Interview secrets
  • Career Guidance

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We Offer Great Mentorship

Learn SEO from The Best SEO Institute in Kolkata

If you select the best SEO training course in Kolkata from Proadept Academy, you do not only sign up for it. You will also get a chance to join the network of wonderful mentors. All these mentors at our institute are designed to offer you the most amazing professional guidance and support. You can also have an expert for personalized guidance any time you want, who will help you to navigate several challenges and achieve the best output.

All of the SEO trainers in Kolkata are about more than just the tutor. They are always dedicated to developing your career. Take the best time to comprehend your career goals and areas of development; you may be a beginner who wants to grasp the basics or an experienced individual who is aiming to define the skills. In our advanced SEO training in Kolkata, we will understand the issue properly, share insights, and offer real-world perspectives. It also ensures you are not just about learning from the best SEO course in Kolkata but also about developing an innovative and strategic mindset.

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