Advanced PPC Course in Kolkata

Our advanced online PPC course in Kolkata has offered an in-depth and comprehensive exploration of several strategies for pay-per-click advertising. And it is highly tailored for all the marketers who are looking to elevate their expertise in digital marketing. This PPC course in Kolkata mainly dips into several topics like ad targeting, bid managing as well and analytics. However, participants can have the best experience with platforms and cutting-edge tools to their expertise for creating highly effective campaigns of PPC.

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Why Choose Our Expert PPC Training Institute in Kolkata

Our online PPC course in Kolkata stands out for great reasons. However, it makes a great choice for individuals who are looking for Industry-relevant and comprehensive education in the pay-per-click advertising and Google ads management course in Kolkata. First, our PPC training institute in Kolkata offers a great team of the best experts with extensive experience in the world of digital marketing. Our PPC trainers in Kolkata aren’t only adept at offering theoretical knowledge but also offer practical examples. In the world of training, it offers students a great understanding of PPC strategies.

Also, our curriculum of PPC courses in Kolkata is greatly crafted to cover the spectrum of PPC. It is related to advanced techniques and fundamental areas. Our PPC trainer in Kolkata also prioritizes great processes that allow all the participants to engage with analytical tools, campaigns, as well as standard platforms. Such practical exposure ensures all of our students grasp the theory. Also, develop the skills that are required to execute great PPC campaigns in the scenarios of the real world.

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Mode of Our PPC Training in Kolkata

Our industry experts guide all the students via the best practices and the latest trends to ensure a great experience of learning. All the graduates have come up to navigate the best landscape of Google ads management courses in Kolkata and digital marketing in Kolkata. This is a great resource for professionals who aim to maximize their aim in the competitive zone of the digital marketing world.

By providing a versatile and adaptable learning environment, our Google ads course in Kolkata can meet the needs of participants with a wide range of learning styles. We combine online and in-person PPC course in Kolkata, which is an important part of our strategy. With the hybrid model, more people can benefit from it because they can select the formats that work best for them in terms of availability and how they learn.

One of the main advantages of our PPC training institute in Kolkata is the opportunity for participants as well as instructors to meet in person, which creates a more collaborative learning atmosphere. At the same time, students have the freedom to study wherever and whenever they like thanks to the flexibility of online sections, which allow them to consult course materials from any location.

Also, our PPC training institute in Kolkata comes up with the best learning methodology that reinforces several theoretical concepts through practical application. However, participants can work to gain experience with the industry-related platforms and tools as well as the real-world campaigns of PPC. Our Search approach is not just deep, the comprehension also offers great competence and confidence in the strategies of PPC.

Our PPC course in Kolkata also includes scenario best theories and case studies that help all the participants to think properly as well as apply their knowledge in practical challenges. To enhance a mode of instruction that adds interactivity, flexibility, and practical application, our PPC course in Kolkata ensures a very effective and dynamic learning experience for new digital marketers.

Features of Our PPC Course in Kolkata

Our PPC course in Kolkata is highly distinguished through a set of great features that are tailored to offer a practical understanding and comprehensiveness of the PPC training in Kolkata. Our course curriculum is mainly crafted to cover the chapters of PPC that encompass all the advanced strategies, fundamental principles as well as latest industry trends. It ensures that students get a great education which they make for the huge landscape of digital marketing.

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See features of our PPC course in Kolkata.

  • What is PPC or PPC Marketing or Search Engine Marketing?
  • How does Search Engine Marketing work?
  • Benefits of Search Engine Marketing or PPC
  • Pay-Per-Click platforms
  • Google AdWords, Microsoft Ads
  • SEM or PPC market opportunities
  • Career opportunities
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • How to research PPC Keywords?
  • PPC Keywords tools and resources overview
  • Importance of targeted PPC keywords
  • PPC keyword selection
  • Competitors keywords analysis
  • Live assignment hands-on
  • What is a PPC ad campaign? Types of PPC ad campaigns?
  • Google ads account structure
  • PPC ad campaign Navigation
  • What are PPC ad groups?
  • How to set up PPC ad campaign groups?
  • Set up a Google search ad Campaign
  • Google AdWords Account Structure
  • PPC campaign Navigation
  • Use Multiple Account
  • Use My Client Center (MCC)
  • What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)
  • What is the Impression?
  • What is Conversion?
  • What is “Cost/Conversion”?
  • How to increase CTR & Conversion
  • What is a Tracking Code?
  • Create Effective Ads, Ad groups
  • Unique Title
  • Measurement of Title, Description URL
  • An ad that produces better ROI
  • Example of Successfully Effective Ads
  • What is bidding?
  • What is a Quality Score?
  • How Does Quality Score Affect Bids?
  • How to Increase Position on Search?
  • Bid for Ad position
  • Define the Bid for Each keyword and Bid Management
  • User Define bids and Google Automatic Bids
  • Importance of bidding techniques
  • Competitor’s Analysis of Bidding
  • What is a Landing Page?
  • Ads versus Landing Page
  • Important of Landing Page
  • Optimize your landing pages
  • How to Increase conversion rates
  • What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)
  • Use ‘Calls to Action’
  • Cost/Conversion
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Ad group Performance Reports
  • Ads Performance Reports
  • Google AdWords Tool
  • Keywords Spy
  • Google AdWords Editor
  • What is Copywriting?
  • Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing
  • Understanding Copywriting Models
  • Copywriting Tools
  • Tips & Tricks For Copywriting
  • Live Projects
  • Case Studies
  • What is Remarketing?
  • Why use Remarketing?
  • Remarketing Code Generator
  • Installation of Conversion Tracking Code
  • Remarketing List Creation
  • Remarketing AD creation
  • Create a Remarketing List for Visitors who did not visit Another Page
  • Create a Daywise Remarketing List
  • Create Not Converted Remarketing List
  • Building Impressive CV
  • Presentation & Pitching Skills
  • Interview Hacks
  • Career Guidance
  • Case Studies

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Join an In-Depth PPC Course in Kolkata

Anyone serious about becoming an expert in Pay-Per-Click advertising would be wise to enroll in our comprehensive PPC training in Kolkata. To ensure that the participants have a thorough grasp of the PPC course in Kolkata, the extensive curriculum begins with basic ideas and builds up to more complex tactics. We address every aspect of pay-per-click (PPC) during the course, from creating ads and researching keywords to managing bids and interpreting statistics, so that students can confidently traverse the complicated world of online marketing campaigns. Everyone from complete marketing newbies to seasoned pros will find something useful in the PPC training in Kolkata‘s thoughtfully crafted sections.

What sets our in-depth PPC training in Kolkata is mainly the practical orientation that covers all the aspects of the learning journey. The participants engage in real-world scenarios and hands-on projects. They always apply theoretical knowledge throughout the PPC course in Kolkata. Such approaches ensure learners not only understand the concepts but also develop their skills for campaign management.

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